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Stop watch

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The running stop watch displays the time in (hours,) minutes and seconds. When the display is stopped, also milliseconds are shown. The handling is done with two buttons with changing functions, that are noted on the button.

The watch is started with the left button (Start).

You may stop the running clock in two ways:
With the left button "Stop" the measurement of time is interrupted. When you click on the left button "Continue" again, the measurement is continued. With a stopped watch you may also click on the right button "Reset" to return to the beginning.
With a running clock you may also click on the right button "Halt". This stops the display but the measurement of time is continued. When you click on the right button "Continue" again, the total time since the start of the watch is displayed. While the watch is stopped you may also reset the watch with the left button "Reset".

- The stop watch uses the clock of your computer. When this is very busy there may be delays in the time displayed.
- Please note the remarks about the representation of numbers..
- There is no warranty for the calculation. Cactus2000 is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by wrong results.
- Please send an email if you have suggestions or if you would like to see more conversions to be included.

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