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Oblasts of Ukraine

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Lviv Oblast Cherkasy Oblast Ternopil Oblast Kharkiv Oblast Vinnytsia Oblast Zaporizhzhia Oblast Volyn Oblast Zhytomyr Oblast Kherson Oblast Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Rivne Oblast Khmelnytskyi Oblast Mykolaiv Oblast Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Sevastopol Kyiv Oblast Odessa Oblast Luhansk Oblast Poltava Oblast Sumy Oblast Chernihiv Oblast Donetsk Oblast Autonomous Republic of Crimea Kyiv Chernivtsi Oblast Kirovohrad Oblast Zakarpattia Oblast

Question 1 of 27: Which oblast is shown ?
Lviv Oblast
Lwiwska oblast
Chernihiv Oblast
Tschernihiwska oblast
Kherson Oblast
Chersonska oblast
Kirovohrad Oblast
Kirowohradska oblast

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