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Adverbs Prepositions Conjunctions

abaliudfrom an other side
adeōthat far
aliāby another way
aliorsum (aliovorsum)to another place
aliquōsomewhere, anywhere
aliquōvorsumto some place
aliundefrom elsewhere
caelitusfrom the sky
ēminusfrom afar
there, to that place
extrīnsecusfrom outside
forās(moving) outside
funditusto the bottom
horsumtoward here
hūctoward here
hūcineto that place
illāthere, over there
illātenusuntil there
illicō (ilicō)in place
illincfrom there
illō (illōc, illūc)over there
illorsumto that place
intrōrsum (intrōrsus)inwards, inside, within
istācthat way
istāctenusto this point
istorsumwhere you’re from
neutrōto neither side
obiteren passant
peragranteren passant
pessumto the ground
prōrsus (prōsus, prōrsum, prōsum)forward
prōtinusforward, onward
quāby which way?, by what means?
quādāmtenus (quādam)up to a point
quāquāversusin any direction
adv:to what extent, how many times
quāvīsin any direction
quōwhere to?, somewhere
quoaduntil where?, until when?
quōcumqueno matter where
quōlibetno matter where
quōnambut where to?
quōquōno matter where
quōquōversus (quōquōversum, quōquōorsum)in all directions
quorsumwhere to, in which direction
quoūsqueup to where?, until when?
quōvīsno matter where
adv:backwards, behind
retrorsum (retrorsus)in the back, backwards
rūrsus (rūrsum)backwards, on the flipside
summiterfrom the top
sūrsumon top, upward
ubīconj:when, if
ubinambut where?
ūllātenusup to this point
undefrom where?
undecumque (undecunque)no matter from where
undiquefrom all sides
utrālibet (utrōlibet)from either side
versus (versum, vorsum)towards

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