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Latin Numerals

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Cardinal - Ordinal - Distributiv - Numeral adverb
I1one eachsingulus
II2two eachbīnī
III3three eachternī, trīnus
IV4four eachquaternī
V5five eachquīnī
VI6six eachsēnī
VII7seven eachseptēnī
VIII8eight eachoctōnī
IX9nine eachnovēnī
X10ten eachdēnī
XI11eleven eachūndēnī
XII12twelve eachduodēnī
XV15fifteen eachquīndēnī, quīnīdēnī
XVIII18eighteen eachduodēvīcēnī
XIX19nineteen eachundēvīcēnī
XX20twenty eachvīcēnī
XXVII28twenty-eight eachduodētrīcēnī
XXIX29twenty-nine eachundētrīcēnī
XXX30thirty eachtrīcēnī
XXXVII38thirty-eight eachduodēquadrāgēnī
XXXIX39thirty-nine eachundēquadrāgēnī
XL40forty eachquadrāgēnī
XLVIII48forty-eight eachduodēquīnquāgēnī
XLIX49forty-nine eachundēquīnquāgēnī
L50fifty eachquīnquāgēnī
LVIII58fifty-eight eachduodēsexāgēnī
LIX59fifty-nine eachundēsexāgēnī
LX60sixty eachsexāgēnī
LXVIII68sixty-eight eachduodēseptuāgēnī
LXIX69sixty-nine eachundēseptuāgēnī
LXX70seventy eachseptuāgēnī
LXXVIII78seventy-eight eachduodēoctōgēnī
LXXIX79seventy-nine eachundēoctōgēnī
LXXX80eighty eachoctōgēnī
LXXXVIII88eighty-eight eachduodēnōnāgēnī
LXXXIX89eighty-nine eachundēnōnāgēnī
XC90ninety eachnōnāgēnī
XCVIII98ninety-eight eachduodēcentēnī
XCIX99ninety-nine eachundēcentēnī
C100hundred eachcentēnī
CC200two hundred eachducēnī
CCC300three hundred eachtrecēnī
CD400four hundred eachquadringēnī
D500five hundred eachquīngēnī
DC600six hundred eachsescēnī, sescentēnī
DCC700seven hundred eachseptingēnī
DCCC800eight hundred eachoctingēnī
CM900nine hundred eachnōngēnī
M1000thousand eachmīllēnī

By combining the listed numerals, numbers not listed are formed.

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