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Number plates: Austria


The first letters on the number plates in Austria show the town or the district. Then follows the arms of the federal state.

Click on the title of a column to sort after this criterion. Alternatively, it is possible to show only the number plate codes of one selected state (Bundesland)

Bundesland: Sort:

Plate Name State (Bundesland)
A Highest organs of the republic (Oberste Organe der Republik) Political number plates
AM Amstetten Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
B Bregenz Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg)
B Burgenland Old number plates
B Burgenland (political) Political number plates
BA Bad Aussee (old) Styria (Steiermark)
BB Austrian Railroads (Österr. Bundesbahnen) Special number plates
BD Federal bus service (Bundesbus Dienst) Special number plates
BD Diplomatic service in Burgenland Special number plates
BG Federal gendarmerie (Bundesgendarmerie) Special number plates
BH Military vehicle (Heeresfahrzeuge) Special number plates
BK Consular officials in Burgenland Special number plates
BL Bruck/Leitha Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
BM Bruck/Mur (old) Styria (Steiermark)
BM Bruck-Mürzzuschlag Styria (Steiermark)
BN Baden Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
BP Federal police (Bundespolizei) Special number plates
BR Braunau Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
BZ Bludenz Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg)
DL Deutschlandsberg Styria (Steiermark)
DO Dornbirn Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg)
E Eisenstadt Burgenland (Burgenland)
EF Eferding Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
EU Eisenstadt-Environment Burgenland (Burgenland)
FB Feldbach (old) Styria (Steiermark)
FE Feldkirchen Carinthia (Kärnten)
FF Fürstenfeld (old) Styria (Steiermark)
FK Feldkirch Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg)
FR Freistadt Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)

Plate Name State (Bundesland)
G Graz Styria (Steiermark)
G Graz Old number plates
GB Gröbming Styria (Steiermark)
GD Gmünd Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
GF Gänserndorf Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
GM Gmunden Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
GR Grieskirchen Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
GS Güssing Burgenland (Burgenland)
GU Graz-Environment Styria (Steiermark)
HA Hallein Salzburg (Salzburg)
HB Hartberg (old) Styria (Steiermark)
HE Hermagor Carinthia (Kärnten)
HF Hartberg-Fürstenfeld Styria (Steiermark)
HL Hollabrunn Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
HO Horn Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
I Innsbruck (city) Tyrol (Tirol)
IL Innsbruck-Country Tyrol (Tirol)
IM Imst Tyrol (Tirol)
JE Jennersdorf Burgenland (Burgenland)
JO St.Johann/Pongau Salzburg (Salzburg)
JU Judenburg (old) Styria (Steiermark)
JW Justice guard (Justizwache) Special number plates
K Klagenfurt Carinthia (Kärnten)
K Carinthia (Kärnten) Old number plates
K Klagenfurt (political) Political number plates
KB Kitzbühel Tyrol (Tirol)
KD Diplomatic service in Carinthia Special number plates
KF Knittelfeld (old) Styria (Steiermark)
KI Kirchdorf/Krems Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
KK Consular officials in Carinthia Special number plates

Plate Name State (Bundesland)
KL Klagenfurt-Country Carinthia (Kärnten)
KO Korneuburg Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
KR Krems-District Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
KS Krems (city) Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
KU Kufstein Tyrol (Tirol)
L Linz Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
L Linz Old number plates
LA Landeck Tyrol (Tirol)
LB Leibnitz Styria (Steiermark)
LE Leoben (city) Styria (Steiermark)
LF Lilienfeld Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
LI Liezen Styria (Steiermark)
LL Linz-Country Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
LN Leoben-District Styria (Steiermark)
LZ Lienz Tyrol (Tirol)
MA Mattersburg Burgenland (Burgenland)
MD Mödling Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
ME Melk Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
MI Mistelbach Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
MT Murtal Styria (Steiermark)
MU Murau Styria (Steiermark)
MZ Mürzzuschlag (old) Styria (Steiermark)
N Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) Old number plates
N Niederösterreich (political) Political number plates
ND Neusiedl am See Burgenland (Burgenland)
ND Diplomatic service in Lower Austria Special number plates
NK Neunkirchen Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
NK Consular officials in Lower Austria Special number plates
O Upper Austria (Oberösterreich) Old number plates
O Oberösterreich (political) Political number plates

Plate Name State (Bundesland)
OD Diplomatic service in Upper Austria Special number plates
OK Consular officials in Upper Austria Special number plates
OP Oberpullendorf Burgenland (Burgenland)
OW Oberwart Burgenland (Burgenland)
P St.Pölten (city) Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
PE Perg Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
PL St.Pölten-Country Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
PT Post and telegraph administration (Post- / Telegraphenverwaltung) Special number plates
RA Radkersburg (old) Styria (Steiermark)
RE Reutte Tyrol (Tirol)
RI Ried/Innkreis Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
RO Rohrbach Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
S Salzburg (city) Salzburg (Salzburg)
S Salzburg Old number plates
SB Scheibbs Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
SD Schärding Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
SD Diplomatic service in Salzburg Special number plates
SE Steyr-Country Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
SK Consular officials in Salzburg Special number plates
SK Consular officials in Vorarlberg Special number plates
SL Salzburg-Country Salzburg (Salzburg)
SO Südoststeiermark Styria (Steiermark)
SP Spittal/Drau Carinthia (Kärnten)
SR Steyr (city) Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
St Styrie (Steiermark) Old number plates
ST Steiermark (political) Political number plates
STD Diplomatic service in Styria Special number plates
STK Consular officials in Styria Special number plates
SV St. Veit/Glan Carinthia (Kärnten)
SW Schwechat Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)

Plate Name State (Bundesland)
SZ Schwaz Tyrol (Tirol)
T Tyrol (Tirol) Old number plates
T Tirol (political) Political number plates
TA Tamsweg Salzburg (Salzburg)
TD Diplomatic service in Tyrol Special number plates
TK Consular officials in Tyrol Special number plates
TU Tulln Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
UU Urfahr-Environment Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
V Vorarlberg Old number plates
VB Vöcklabruck Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
VD Diplomatic service in Vorarlberg Special number plates
VI Villach (city) Carinthia (Kärnten)
VK Völkermarkt Carinthia (Kärnten)
VL Villach-Country Carinthia (Kärnten)
VO Voitsberg Styria (Steiermark)
W Vienna (Wien, city) Vienna (Wien)
W Vienna (Wien) Old number plates
W Vienna (Wien, politique) Political number plates
WB Wiener Neustadt-Country Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
WD Diplomatic corps in Vienna Special number plates
WE Wels (city) Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
WK Consuls officiels Vienne Special number plates
WL Wels-Country Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
WN Wiener Neustadt (city) Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
WO Wolfsberg Carinthia (Kärnten)
WT Waidhofen/Thaya Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
WU Vienna (Wien)-Environment Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
WY Waidhofen/Ybbs Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
WZ Weiz Styria (Steiermark)
ZE Zell am See Salzburg (Salzburg)

Plate Name State (Bundesland)
ZT Zwettl Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
ZW Douane (Zollwache) Special number plates

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